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Stephanie Richardson


Helping Women Build a

Healthy Lifestyle


A lot of us feel burned out & want to sparkle again.  We've developed a health and fitness business to help you turn your burn out to brilliant, physically, emotionally, and financially, while not sacrificing important commitments.

  • Do you feel like you aren’t reaching your potential?

  • Are you needing to find YOU again?

  • Are you looking to find purpose?

  • Do you love helping others?

  • Are you wanting something different in your life?



You've lost your sparkle

...but you can find it again



Do you feel stuck?

I've been in your shoes.  I was burned out.  I wanted to have a business for myself while keeping my family a priority.  I wanted to sparkle again but felt stuck...physically, financially, and emotionally.   I started my own Coaching business 13 years ago.  By aligning myself with products from Team Beachbody as well as becoming a 2B Mindset Mentor, I've been able to create a health business that has helped countless of people get healthy, over 20,000 entrepreneurs grow a business, and create an up to 7 figure a year income for my family.

Our Team

You won’t be alone.  Withe 24/7 Training available to you as well as a community of other fun, like-minded women who have been in your shoes, you will feel supported every step of the way.  We are here to help you achieve your goals and dreams...to go from stuck to unstuck.  To find your sparkle again.


After battling breast cancer, I needed to get healthy again.  Stephanie helped me get healthier than I'd ever been.   I decided I wanted to pay it forward and help other women feel as amazing as I did.  From there, eventually I was able to quit my job to help people feel better about themselves full time!  


Having to go back to work after having financial changes took a toll not only on my personal health but also crushed me to leave my kids each day.   Because I worked hard at my side hustle of helping other women, I was able to quit my teaching job and stay home with my children which is priceless.


Being a military wife, it's hard to find a job & community because we moved around so much.  Fitness was a passion and I was able to turn that passion not only into a business but also gain a community of like-minded women who have become like sisters!

Hear the stories of other Rockstar women who have already joined us...

Sparkle Again.

You don't have to be a fitness expert or even have business experience to start your own fitness business...I certainly didn't!  If you want to make a change in your life and help others to do the same then you are qualified.  Get unstuck and achieve the goals you've always dreamed of having!  

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We'll create a business strategy based on your personal goals


Become the Rockstar you were created to be