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Stephanie Richardson


Join A Fitness Group

Ready to be a Fun Fit Mom?  This is where it starts!

I remember feeling so uncomfortable in my skin when I started my journey.  My son was 18 months old and I couldn’t say “I just had a baby” anymore.  I was tired of hiding behind people in photos.  I wanted to get my sparkle back.  And, I didn’t want to pass on the family legacy of diabetes and obesity to my children.  I had to find a group that helped me stay on track and changed the course for our family.


We can live healthier lives together!  

Join our community of like-minded moms/women who will help inspire you to achieve your goals.  None of us are perfect…we are all taking baby steps in the marathon of a healthier life!


My virtual Bootcamp/Fitness Group will provide:

*Workouts You Can Do from Anywhere!

*Meal Plans

*One Meal A Day

*Motivation and support from other women who are on the same journey!


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