4 fitness outfits that are perfect for training

Even though the feeling after fitness training is so great, sometimes you just don’t look forward to actually working out. It becomes such a mind game, and every excuse comes into play.

However, I have found that when I like what I’m going to wear to workout (as crazy as it sounds), I actually look forward to working out. And, if I put those clothes on as soon as I get out of bed, it starts my day off right!

Here are four of my FAVORITE workout pieces right now:

  1. K-Deer

    A friend introduced me to this brand and it has now become an obsession for me. These yoga pants are not only comfortable, but they also have a high waist so you can hide your muffin top! The prints are a lot of fun, too! The price point isn’t the least expensive but you can find them on sale or ask for them for Christmas (which is what I do each year).

  1. Nike

    Those little swooshes get me every time! Nike always have the most stylish and comfortable shoes. The cross training Nike Free are great for my workouts. They give me just the support I need to finish my at home workouts. You can also do the NIKE ID to design your own shoe.

  1. Lululemon

    Again, not the cheapest in athletic wear but the workout clothes from Lululemon last a long time. I love their Luon Tank. It’s very comfortable and comes in all different colors.

  1. Bolder Bands

    Keeping your hair and sweat out of your face during your workout can be a challenge. Many headbands slip and fall off. I love the Bolder Bands. They stay on my head, come in a great variety of prints, and can be worn in several different ways.

When you workout in that old college t-shirt, it makes you feel frumpy and isn’t very motivating to workout. So, find a cute workout outfit that will give you that extra oomph of motivation.  Some of my friends even wear makeup to workout to make them feel extra sassy.

Oh, just so you know…Target, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx have cute, inexpensive fitness training clothes if the above are out of your price range.

I’m looking forward to seeing you post your cute, sweaty selfies on social media in your new cute workout clothes!