Cancel your gym membership and opt for personal fitness training.


When you want to lose weight, you join a gym, right? WRONG.

I used to be a member of a gym, but I found that when I canceled my membership, I actually looked and felt better!

Sounds crazy, right? Well, here are three reasons why I think you should cancel your gym membership TODAY.

1. YOU ARE BUSY.fit4

You don’t have time to drive to the gym, check your kids into childcare, take an hour-long class (or if you are like me…wander around the gym for the hour trying to figure out how to use the machines), get the kids out of child care, and drive home. That’s a lot of time that you really don’t have. And, when my kids were young and I had a membership to a gym, I’d make it to the gym one day and couldn’t go back for 2 weeks because my kids would catch some sort of illness from the childcare. Maybe you can relate.


Maybe it’s a girl thing but I found when I went to the gym, I would compare my body’s results to other people’s results. When I left the gym, I didn’t feel strong or confident, it made me feel defeated. I would feel fat as I looked in the mirror. They all seemed to have perfect bodies. I felt as though no matter what I did, I would never look like them.


I paid $120 per month to my gym. YIKES! What could you do with that money? Maybe pay off bills, give money away, have better date nights, or even buy cuter fitness training clothes!

Here’s what to do instead: work out at home!

Working out at home has not only been great for my pocketbook but for my schedule and my confidence. I have more time and I look better than I did when I had a membership to a gym.

You don’t have to buy any fancy home equipment, either. You just need a TV and space big enough to shake that groove thing.

For $40 every 3 months, you can have access to $2100 worth of workout programs with proven results. You can try out an in-home training program for free by clicking here.

I’m sure you won’t miss that gym membership.