fit5 Change happens only once you are ready.

I was having a conversation with a friend who said, “My light bulb hasn’t turned on yet. I don’t have the desire to lose weight.”

I get it. It’s very difficult to make the decision to live a healthier life. It’s not like deciding to buy a car or a new brand of makeup. You have to consciously make a decision to try something that is hard. Breaking bad habits and making lifestyle changes is tough. And until that “light bulb” turns on, you are only going to feel defeated. Change happens only once you are ready.

The “light bulb” moment is the deep decision that no matter what comes at you, you are committed to changing. It means you are sick and tired of where you are, or perhaps you are so fearful of where you are going, that you make the commitment to change your course.

For me, that happened when I joined Beachbody. I had tried Weight Watchers and Body for Life but neither felt like a fitness and nutrition program I could follow for the long haul. Beachbody was different. It offered me the support and accountability I needed to commit to live a healthier lifestyle. That was my “light bulb” moment! I learned that I am motivated to stay on track when I am held accountable for my actions.  I also learned that I was more likely to stay committed to something when people were looking to me for encouragement and motivation. Eventually I turned my initial investment into a side business that has resulted in life-changing income.

I believe I made a decision that saved my life when I was knew deep down that I was ready to change.

Ok, I know….Jesus saved my LIFE, but Beachbody saved my HEALTH.

I was headed down the same path as that of my family. I am a stress eater. Stressful circumstances in my life could have caused me to be 200+ pounds because I was accustomed to turn to food for comfort and celebration. It’s in my DNA. It’s something I struggle with every day. But now I have a stronger reason for “why” I make better choices: I am an example to my children and to others.

I’ve watched my family members feel defeated because of their weight. I’ve watched family members hide behind their weight instead of being their best self. I’ve watched family members feel uncomfortable in their own skin. I did not want that for my life and wanted to break the cycle.

I didn’t decide I was going to be the food or exercise nazi almost nine years ago. I decided I would not succumb to fad diets or try the latest diet pill. Instead, I decided I would take baby steps on the journey to a healthier me.

And that’s just it–it’s a journey.

Sometimes I have setbacks.

Sometimes I have victories.

But, it all started with that “light bulb” moment when I made the conscious decision to make a change. Have you had your “light bulb” moment yet? I hope today is that day. I pray that TODAY is the day that you decide you refuse to get back on the hamster wheel of failed diets and disappointments. You are worth it! Your best self is waiting! Find a fitness training program that works for you! Are you ready?!